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"Forever Files"

This Original Art Creation is Hand-made for you to Enjoy for a Lifetime!

forever files image

These durable, etched crystal glass files are from the Czech Republic and adorned with my own design in dichroic glass.

You may use these files to shape
natural and enhanced fingernails,
toe nails, and to gently remove
calluses. Files will not break
the skin, great for diabetics and
chemo patients, even babies!

This glass will not dull with use. Simply refresh with warm soapy water after extensive use. 4”, 6”, 10” Lengths Available.


The "Magic" of Dichroic Glass

"Dichroic" is defined as the property of having more than one color, especially when viewed from different angles. Dichroic Glass is produced by a process called "thin film physics." Hand-rolled sheet glass is fastened to the top of a vacuum chamber. The chamber is heated to approximately 300 degrees, and after a vacuum is created, metals such as titanium, silicon, and magnesium are vaporized. The vapors rise and grow on the glass as metal crystals. The resulting color is determined by the individual oxide composition.

Now the magic! One color is reflected from the glass surface but you see a completely different color when light passes through the glass. Dichroic color applied to dark glass will reflect all light resulting in a dynamic metallic color. The same Dichroic color applied to clear glass will absorb and reflect light giving an ever-changing rainbow of color. When viewing items on the website, be mindful that it is difficult to photograph the "magic" dichroic colors as they have an ever changing appearance in different types of light.

The Process

A multitude of techniques are used to achieve my images in glass, even using green technologies by recycling "blowers" glass into my work. Large sheets of glass are individually cut into shapes, with an eye for texture and color. The pieces are heated to melting temperature, 1550 degrees fahrenheit, in a specially designed kiln, with coils above and on the sides to deliver a carefully regulated even heat to the glass.

The result is a one-of-a-kind 'painting' in glass...no two pieces are exactly alike. Just click Shop Online to begin enjoying "Magic Glass"!