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My journey as an artist began in my youth, inheriting talents from my grandfather who made a living a a gold jewelry engraver. I find art as a clear outlet for my thoughts, visions and dreams.

I began my training as a Bauhaus trained potter which I pursued for two decades.

As my artistic path continued I reached out to the community by owning a fine crafts gallery near Columbus, Ohio. After many fabulous years I moved to Maui where I taught art to middle-schoolers which enabled me to extend my love of the arts to others.

I have refocused my energy, becoming dedicated to the fire and passion of glass. "I feel each piece of my work reflects my emotions and not merely a piece of jewelry. I think this sets me apart from the standard usage of dichroic glass in creations out there."

Each piece is a unique "work of art"...all pieces are individually handcrafted reflecting a personality of their own.

I hope you enjoy displaying or wearing my art as much I have enjoyed creating it for you!

Nancy Wasserman